In order to keep our crew working throughout the winter, we are offering huge savings available for the first two log home owners that contact us.  With signed contract for log home staining &/or restoration, we will provide a free treatment with Boracol 20/2 after we have cleaned/repaired your log home (prior to staining). Dependent upon the size of your home, this can save you from $1500-$2800.

Sansin Boracol is an inorganic, water-diffusible boron treatment that uses boric acid - a natural decay inhibitor - to fight fungi and insect infestations. Moisture is an essential ingredient for wood decay and mold growth, making a water-borne anti-fungal treatment like Sansin Boracol particularly effective. The natural moisture of the wood itself carries the boric acid into the wood fibers to saturate and protect any wet areas. With 20% active ingredients, the Borcaol "loads" the wood with decay-fighting ingredients, migrating deep into timber - even under dry wood conditions. Plus, Boracol works to prevent mold on inorganic materials like stone or concrete.

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Let Us Make Your Log Home a Heritage for the Generations

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All homes require periodic maintenance.
Log homes and cabins are no exception.
The difference lies in the unique needs of the exterior log walls which are exposed to the elements of our Texas and Oklahoma weather.
Untreated log walls have the risk of developing rot and decay
from the rain and ultra-violet rays. 

Based on the needs of your home, we offer power washing,
cob or sand blasting, chemical stripping, and staining.
If your home has chinking between the logs it needs to be checked and maintained
in order to prevent moisture and unwanted weather from entering the interior. 
All logs have the potential to develop checking, or splits along the logs,
but in most cases this only adds to the character of the log.
If, however, these checks are situated in the structure to
allow water penetration, they will require caulking.
A borate and mildew treatment may also be advised.

At Heritage Log Home Restoration, we use  Sansin products. 
Sansin is known for their environmentally friendly products designed especially for log homes - that offer a low-VOC, non-toxic alternative to traditional wood coatings.

ur goal is to provide you with a service which is integral to the life and beautification of your log home.

Please contact us for an evaluation of your home's needs.  
There is no charge for consultations within a 150 mile radius.